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LOGIC Widget Library

Our widgets are designed to take complicated or multi-step tasks and streamline them. We've done the leg work to make daily tasks for GIS departments and users easy and integrated. 

Think of these as “plug and play” modules delivering a focused action or set of actions.  Our development team can create easy to use functionality for any Platform application. 

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Well Lifecycle Management 

LOGIC provides an integrated solution for structured and unstructured data to track the well data from prospect to spud and beyond. Features include intuitive map driven document management, a collaborative interface and stoplight driven dashboards for business intelligence and reporting.

Operational Well Portal

Deliver field metrics, statuses and documents via an integrated portal view for improved operations. These charts, graphs and maps surface information in intuitive ways to managers and engineers, utilizing the tools, data and existing investments.

Rig Scheduling

Many organizations use spreadsheets per asset to schedule well drilling and rig assignment. LOGIC integrates drag and drop tools with database driven stipulations, down time and transportation greatly improving drill rig scheduling.

Well Master

Many organizations do not have a single version of the truth. LOGIC implements various Well Master architectures and solutions that manage data from core planning, production, engineering and accounting systems. Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS), other Master Data Management (MDM) tools sets or custom rules engines drive hub and spoke, reference or hybrid architecture and improved data quality.

Facilities Management 

Manage facilities structured and unstructured data in a situational awareness and planning dashboard. Kick-off maintenance workflows and financial integration for appropriate well accounting and improved facilities management.

Land Management Workflow

Integrate with existing enterprise Land systems for improved views into your Land Lease data. Surface 30, 60, 90 day expiring leases to a map, kick off notifications and workflow and calculate unit ownership. 

Field Data Collection

LOGIC enables companies to access data in the field via intuitive applications on any platform. Push maps to end users for ease of use and spatially relevant data collection for improved processes and data quality.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze and pre-process data to provide on-the-fly visual analysis of competitor activity. Surface the data through reports or on a map.

Pipeline Survey Tools

Manage the pipeline survey process with a map driven web and mobile solution.  Upload and download pictures and documents and collaboratively define new potential pipe re-routes from the field.