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The LOGIC Blog

The LOGIC Blog

Have you visited our blog? That's where we share thoughts and experiences from our team on GIS, industry topics and events.  


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LOGIC Widget Library

LOGIC Widget Library

Our widgets are designed to streamline complicated or multi-step workflows and integrate systems and data. Tour the LOGIC Widget Library to view all widgets and learn about their benefits.

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LOGIC Celebrates 5 Years!

LOGIC Celebrates 5 Years!

Thank you for allowing the LOGIC team to do what we love! Join us as we celebrate the LOGIC journey over the last five years and remember, we’re all in this together for the long haul, side-by-side.

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Mission Statement

Working to create, manage and integrate your information management and geospatial assets to provide insight into the oil and gas life cycle.

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Strategy and Applications

Spatial context and information leads to better decision making. Many businesses think of their geospatial data as a printed map hanging in the hallway or an office. In reality, it is so much more.

People and Process

Team planning, resource planning and defining roles and responsibilities can sometimes be the biggest hurdle of a project or initiative. Our ability to help clients provide consistent, supportable solutions to their internal users is the passion of our practice.

Business Drivers & Systems

Data is often a company’s greatest asset, yet it is often difficult to find. Integrating system and data puts discoverability in the forefront.

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