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Management of information systems and geospatial assets involves personalities, sustainability, efficiency and continuous improvement. 

The ability to provide consistent, supportable solutions to internal users is crucial to developing an information management practice. Through team planning, role and responsibility identification, onsite consulting and support and maintenance engagements, we can support any resource management strategy, tool or personnel need.


LOGIC supplies our clients with Information Management and GIS team organizational definition from roles and responsibilities to org charts. We can help you assemble the right team for the job.


Your systems need to be sustainable. That is the new mantra. LOGIC can support your needs through Managed Services and support and maintenance agreements. LOGIC can also supply seasoned resources for onsite consulting opportunities for short or long term engagements.


Maintaining a healthy data flow through the organization requires a clear strategy for data acquisition, quality assurance, promotion and mastering.  LOGIC can help maintain a healthy data management platform through automation or manual processes.

Our knowledge of industry standard data models such as PPDM, APDM and PODS allow us to provide standards-based support for our client’s valuable data.