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The power of data integration lies in discovery, context and business value. Surfacing data to the right people at the right time and place is everything.  

By integrating various systems, the value of data increases exponentially. Data is often a company’s greatest asset, yet it is often difficult to find and typically it is not combined with other operational data in a meaningful way. Our development team integrates systems and data to make data discoverable. It is then presented in proper context and upgraded to achieve tactical and strategic objectives.

Systems & Data 

Making data discoverable, always available and put in context, LOGIC helps our customers achieve their goals through improved time to decision and decision context. Our mission is to eliminate “swivel chair integration” and laborious searches for data.

  • Combine, aggregate and conflate data sets to drive new insights into your business
  • Imbed web maps into your line of business applications
  • Access documents and pictures by clicking on an asset in a map
  • Integrate your applications with geosciences data and data visualizations

Strategies and Implementation 

LOGIC is conversant in several methodologies for system integration. Depending on best practices and our client’s internal strategies, we can integrate using several different methods from ETL solutions to web services.

  • Physical and virtual integrations
  • Extract, transform, load, (ETL) – LOGIC is one of seven Safe Software business partners in North America and are experts with FME™ and the transformation of oil and gas data sets. Learn more about how FME can help you.
  • Services oriented architecture  (SOA)
  • Data Warehouse and Data Marts

Power of Place Centralized Dashboards 

Make data meaningful throughout the enterprise by delivering it through map centric dashboards. The power of the right data to the right person delivered through an easy-on-the-eyes dashboard cannot be underestimated.