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Advanced Save State

  • Land
  • Wells
  • Seismic
  • Geography
  • Pipeline

The Advanced Save State Widget gives you the ability to configure a Portal map, with the specific extent, layer visibility, transparency, filters, and markup. Once your map is complete, you can save that configuration with a unique name and share it with other Portal users and groups in any combination. Those users will be able to load your named configuration with just a couple of clicks right at their own desktop.


  • Increase collaboration and information sharing across the enterprise.
  • Save time and company resources by not printing and sharing maps, but sharing through Portal.

The Advanced Save State Widget allows users to save multiple map states including map extent, layer state, graphics (markups), layer filters and dynamic layers. It also allows users to decide which map state options to persist. Each configuration is stored in a JSON file with user name, map ID and configuration parameters.


Save Multiple Configurations per Map per User

Each user has the capability to save multiple configurations per web map. In addition, the user can alternatively overwrite an existing configuration and share configurations with Portal groups, users or the whole organization.